Assessor: Marieke Klijnstra

Hi there! My name is Marieke Klijnstra, a second year student of Religious Studies and this year the student assessor of this amazing faculty. This means that I am the student advisor in the faculty board. Besides this I take place in the board of assessors which contains of all 11 assessors of the university of Groningen. They represent the faculties and the central board of the university. We have weekly meetings in which we discuss central topics that play a role in both the faculties and the university as a whole. I am also a member of the board of Gerardus van der Leeuw. Hereby, the assessor is the communicative switch between the faculty board and the students. The student participation organs: the faculty council, program committees and the assessor, together form the SAM (Student Active Participation). We have meetings together and organize a few fora during the year for which all students in the faculty are invited. The theme of this year is mental ‘health’. Every day is different, but very exciting!