Gerardus van der Leeuw is the study association of relgious studies and theology in Groningen since the 17th of April 2003. All GGW students are automatically a member of Gerardus.

We will put all our strength and enthusiasm together to make this the an unforgettable and amazing year! One of our goals is to keep improving the ‘gezellige’ ambiance at our faculty. As you might have guessed, one of the ways we will do this is by organizing nice activities, like borrels and running diners. However, this also means that we are always happy to help you with any issue that might come up during your studies. Never be afraid to approach us for questions or suggestions. Together we will make this an amazing year!

With a lot of love from the 19th board of Gerardus van der Leeuw,

Willen Zigterman Rustenburg, Anke Hooghiemstra, Amélie Emmens, Daan Kampen, Emiel Korringa, Ilse van Tuinen.