Committee Coordinator: Eline Wessels

Hee hoi, my name is Eline and I’m a 3rd year Religious Studies student, and this year the committee coordinator for Gerardus! My main job is to keep track of all the committees and their activities. The committees try to organize many activities throughout the year so you can get into contact with classmates and other faculty members outside of the classroom, such as the murder game, soup sales and ‘borrels’. So if you are interested in committee work or just get info on an activity feel free to get in contact with me! If you just want to talk with me about films, series, anime or my cat(!) feel free to do that as well. Please don’t let my resting bitch face or nasty jokes scare you off. Ask me about my little brother and sister and you’ll know why I’m known as the mom-friend, although I’m always in for a party of course!