Dei Facto

Dei Facto is the official faculty magazine of our faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. We have a creative writing team of students, and we also invite staff members to add their personal touch to our magazine. That way, we aim to make creative, diverse and interesting editions for the whole faculty to enjoy! Are you a creative mind, and would you like to share a story, essay, poem, recipe, or something completely different with the faculty? Do you have other fun ideas to include in our faculty magazine? Feel free to approach one of our editors, or e-mail us if you have any questions or ideas!
General e-mail address:
Editor in chief: Kjelda Glimmerveen (
Some of our other editors:
 Lydia Theakston (RS Ba)
 Willeke Zigterman Rustenburg (Th Ba)
 Job Raedts (RS Ma)
 Mara Min (RS Ba)
 Lena Tolboom (RS Ba)
 Marju-Riikka Komulainen (RS Ba)
(picture 1: editors 2018/2019-picture 2: editors 2016/2017-picture 3: editor in chief)