Dei Facto

Hi everyone!
The DeFacto is the official faculty magazine of the faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Groningen. The editors are students studying at the faculty, but also teachers and other staff can publish articles. With the editorial staff we define a theme each edition, and we discuss which articles, interviews and other fun columns will be published. Each edition students or employees are also asked to write articles, as guest-editors.
Are you curious about us? Feel free to speak to someone from the editorial staff in the corridors, or email us personally.
Hope to see you someday in the meetings, or to read your article in de magazine!
Prospectus Divini in Oculus Hominis
The editors of the DeFacto
Personal: Kyra-Tiana Kers (
Speaking in the corridors: Jeroen Weggen, Saskia Huisman, Carolien van Krimpen, Charissa Moorrees, Sara Posthuma, Kyra-Tiana Kers, Johan Buurma en Kjelda Glimmerveen.