Geerfit is the committee that specializes in organizing sports-related activities. If you want to play a game of football, follow a dancing lesson or participate in some yoga exercises with your fellow students, Geerfit is the place for you. The committee meets once every two or three weeks to discuss our plans for the coming period. We think of the tasks ahead and divide them amongst our members. Doing work like this helps you get a feeling for organizing well, grants you some mild responsibility and helps you learn to work together in a new setting (of course this goes for any committee, but Geerfit is more fun).

If you consider joining Geerfit you can send an e-mail to the Gerardus board or talk to Dana or Illand. Then you can write a short motivation letter (max 400 words. to and possibly be a part of our beautiful committee. If you don’t feel like joining, but have some wonderful ideas you are very much welcome to share them with us. You could also help us organize a single project and then withdraw yourself silently from this endeavor once the project is finished.