G.T.S.D. Bonifatius

G.T.S.D. Bonifatius is a theological student society. We differ from the other student societies by building upon the next three foundations: the Bible, the creed of Niceno Constantinopolitan creed and the Apostles’ Creed. This basis helps us in reaching our goal: to offer a positive Christian reflection upon the matters that a theology student is confronted with during lectures.

Members of Bonifatius want to be a reflection of that base, this means that they are themselves Christians and that they recognize the Bible and the two creeds just mentioned before. So, it doesn’t matter what specie Christian you are, Evangelic, Reformed, Roman-Catholic or whatever, you are welcome if you can endorse the basis of our society.

We make the positive Christian reflection possible by organizing readings and study groups based upon the theme of the year.

[www] www.gtsdbonifatius.nl/

[@] dispuutbonifatius@gmail.com