Promotion Coördinator: Dana van der Ham

Hi, I am Dana, I am a third year religion studies and I am 21 years old. This year I am the promotion coördinator of the Gerardus van der Leeuw board. However what does a promotion coördinator of Gerardus? Well the promotion (duh). I am responsible for the website, facebook, newsletter, posters and merchandise. This year I made a new website for Gerardus and so on I have to continue with updating the information on the website and the activity calendar with poster. On facebook I make posts with information about things that are happening or I make events for Gerardus/committee activities. Every week I write the newsletter. I write an opening with quote and check if everything is correct that is send in for the newsletter. Ofcourse for Gerardus actvities I make the newsletter messages myself and the google forms. In the hall there is always a bulletin board with beautiful posters. For Gerardus I make these posters myself and if the committee members send me their own poster, then I will print them. At last Gerardus had this year stickers and sweaters. I organized most of this merchandise. I find this function amazing because you can use a lot of your own creativity. In general as a board member you just learn so much about organizing things, working together, the faculty, your own skills etc. If you have ever any questions, send an email or talk to me in the faculty!