Promotion Coördinator: Emiel Korringa

Dear Lions,

I am Emiel Korringa, a second-year religion studies student. For this year I will be the promotion coordinator of the Gerardus’ board, meaning I will mostly be doing my work on my phone or behind my keyboard. On Gerardus’ social media I am often the content creator and thus promotor, and also the moderator and preserver of our Discord server. My task in general is to advertise the activities we organize in order to energize and mobilize the people of our faculty to socialize.

My goal as a whole is to update, innovate and acclimate the way in which students communicate, because in this time of social isolation and the lack of information on the duration of this current situation, it might be helpful to put accessible communication into consideration.

If you want to have something posted on our social media or our site, do not hesitate to ask me, all right?