Promotion Coördinator: Tamar Brandsma

Hi everyone,
I am Tamar Brandsma, and I will be this years’ promotion coordinator of the Gerardus van der Leeuw board. I am a third year religious studies student currently doing my minor in Australia, which is an amazing experience. This also means that you won’t see me at the faculty before December. Because my function as promotion coordinator makes me responsible for Gerardus’ newsletters, social media accounts, and other promotion material, I will, however, still be present in those. Don’t hesitate to contact me when you have anything to promote, either in the newsletter or on Gerardus’ social media accounts. Of course, you are also welcome to ask me all other kinds of questions related to my function. Also, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to follow us on instagram (gerardusvanderleeuw), facebook (Promotie Gerardus, and the Gerardus van der Leeuw page), and make sure to check out our website, to stay on top of all Gerardus’ related news.
I am looking forward to the upcoming year and I am sure we will make it an incredible faculty-year.