Secretary: Job Raedts

Hello! My name is Job, and apart from being the most handsome man in the board, as well as the person with the most fabulous hair, I’m the secretary of Gerardus van der Leeuw. I’m a 3rd-year student of Religious Studies, so I mostly spend time worrying about my thesis this year. But apart from that, I also spend a big chunk  of my time for Gerardus. As the secretary, my tasks include (but are not limited to) making minutes during the meetings, keeping an eye on the mail and replying when necessary, and organizing the digital archive (although I have to be honest: that last one is not really high on my list of priorities). Apart from those ‘standard’ tasks, I also focus my attention on all sorts of other things, like the employability-workshops, the evening-lectures by our teachers, and contacting other associations for combined activities like the speed-dating with STUFF or the pub-crawl with other small associations. I really enjoy writing, so these tasks suit me pretty well, although I have to admit that sometimes I use too many words to say simple things, just because I get caught up in the writing. However, I have never heard any complaints about it, so it’s probably fine. When I am not working for faculty-related-thingies, it is a safe bet that you will find me at home with my guitar on my lap, while I make some music and “sing” (no, I will not sing for you, that won’t make anyone happy). But I also love spending time with friends of course, I’m not just some hermit that disappears once he leaves the faculty.