Treasurer: Maria Eiselt

My name is Maria and currently I am the treasurer of the board. My main task is to organise the financial matters and make sure that there is enough money (or money at all) for different activities. Creating budgets, visiting the bank, collecting money from people, and keeping an eye on income
and all expenses is what I do throughout the year. Moreover, I help out whenever there is an event coming up within the faculty by taking over something that needs to be done as well, e.g. doing groceries and decorating the avenue. One major thing I am involved with this year is the planning of the Rome trip in April. This includes many responsibilities, such as booking the flights and hostel, planning the programme, and
contacting the sites we will be visiting, are included in the organisation of this event. Being part of the board in my second year of studying allows me new insights into the student life within the faculty and beyond, establish new contacts and friendships, and learn valuable skills that contribute to my personal development and future functions and jobs. For this reason, my function in the board has enrichened my experience in the second year and offered a new perspective that cannot be attained through being just a student only.