Advisory board

The Advisory Board (AB) of the study association consists of four people and exists to support and advise the board throughout the year. They offer solicited and unsolicited advice to the current board, especially when it comes to the adherence to official rules and regulations. Moreover, they support the board when preparing for GMAs by giving feedback on the new policy documents and preparing the board for questions that might be asked during the GMA itself. The role of the Advisory Board is solely supportive and advisory, and they do not hold any direct power of the decisions made by the board.

The 2024/2025 Advisory Board consists of:

Chair: Marianne van der Klis
Secretary: Kjelda Glimmerveen
Confidential Advisors: Austin Brewin & Meike Numeijer

For more specific details on the AB, see the handbook

You can contact the Advisory Board directly by emailing