This year, we are creating an almanac for the members of Gerardus van der leeuw and others around the faculty completely in “roaring twenties” theme. In this almanac, in other words a yearbook, we will introduce the Gerardus members, the board and committees of Gerardus, and we will give you an insight into the activities that are organized during the academic year of 2023-2024. Of course, this year, all in the Lustrum theme! Mainly, the almanakcie wants to provide our members and others around the faculty with a lifelong memory by providing them with a yearbook. There is enough room for creativity, so if you want to contribute to the creation of the 2023-2024 almanac, do not hesitate to send a message! You can email us at!

The 2023/2024 committee consists of:

ChairJoëlle Fennebeumer
SecretaryAmélie Emmens
TreasurerFloor Bartelds