Year 1:

Blok 2

Hebrew 2.

Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism.

Blok 3

Old Testament Exegesis.

Psychology and Sociology of Religion. 

Blok 4

New Testament.

Religion and Philosophy.

Year 2: 

Blok 1

Christianity: Constantine-Reformation.

Quranic Arabic 1. 

    • Answer Key to Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds, Third Edition. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press (2010). Kristen Brustad, Abbas al-Tonsi en Mahmoud al-Batal ISBN: 9781589016347
      (Make sure you get the right edition)

Rituals in Theory and Practice.
Will be announced later

Spirituality and Secular Religion.

The readings for this class will be announced in the syllabus.

Blok 2

Christianity, Reformation-the Present.

Quranic Arabic 2. 

Blok 3

New Testament Exegesis.

Religion, Media and Popular Culture.
(Literature will be provided at the start of the course)

Religion and Politics. 

    • Introduction to Religion and Politics, by Jonathan Fox

Check the course guide / ocasys to be sure