In our faculty, we want students to be guided through their studies as well as possible! That’s why there are student mentors available for all students. For first-year Ba students we have the original mentoraat, for second- and third-year students there is mentoraat 2.0, and for Ma students we have master mentoraat. 


Every year, new student mentors are appointed. They will familiarize new students with the faculty and they are available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Current mentors (2021-2022):

First-year Theology mentorgroup:

Willeke Zigterman Rustenburg

Nathan Troost

Religious Studies mentorgroup #1:

Austin Brewin

Ruth Ruijgers

Religious Studies mentorgroup #2:

Emiel Korringa

Lena Höllisch

Mentoraat 2.0:

Ilse van Tuinen

Willeke Zigterman Rustenburg

Master mentoraat:

Ilse van Tuinen

Tamar Brandsma

Inge Maatje

Ellen Scheeringa