Theology; Greek incl. PTHU


Year 1:

Blok 1

Hebrew 1.

Theology: Concepts and Methods:

    • Christ and Culture (Harper Collins, 2002, 320 pp.). Studenten dienen te beschikken over een papieren versie van “Christ and Culture” (HarperOne, 2001).
  • Theology: The Basics (Wiley-Blackwell, 3rd edn 2011, 256 pp).
    NOTE: purchase access to the book within Perusall, via the link the NESTOR-module site.

Blok 2

Hebrew 2.

Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism.

  • The History of the Jews in the Greco-Roman World: The Jews of Palestine from Alexander the Great to the Arab Conquest, Taylor & Francis, 2003, Schäfer, 2003.
    (Available as ebook in the RUG online library)

Blok 3

Old Testament Exegesis.

Practical Theology.

Blok 4

New Testament.

Religion and Philosophy.

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