Welcome Travelers,

The Travelcie is responsible for planning and hosting any travel-related activities. These mainly include trips over long weekends to cities around Europe, where we can enjoy a new culture, as well as have a chance to apply some of what we’ve been learning in the classroom as field research.

In addition, we work together with other committees to put on travel-related activities to encourage all students to explore. Our committee meets every two weeks to discuss our exciting travel plans, ideas and have fun. We work closely with the board in order to bring you the most exciting and rewarding study trips ever! If you want to see some of what we did last year, please take a look at the booklet we made after our week long trip to Dublin:

Dublin booklet

Currently, the Travelcie is a committee of one, working with the Gerardus Board to make the best of these trying times but if you would like to have input, please reach out to me via the Travelcie email:

ChairEllen Scheeringa (MA RCG)
SecretaryAustin Brewin (RS3)
TreasurerDaan Kampen (RS3)
General memberElla Fitzpatrick (RS1)

If you are thinking about joining, have any questions or suggestions feel free to hit any one of us up or send an email to: