SAM is the student participation platform of our faculty, consisting of the student members of the program committees and the faculty council, as well as representative from both bachelor and master mentoring with the student assessor as chair. 

With SAM, we organize events a few times a year to inform students about the organization of our faculty and to gather feedback from you about important themes. By getting your feedback while having some drinks, snacks, and good discussions, our student representatives stay up to date on your opinions. That way, we can put things on the faculty’s agenda when we see issues arise. 

As an example of what SAM can achieve: over the last couple of years, mental health has been an important topic for SAM. This has led to more attention for this theme in the faculty. Initiatives such as a mentoraat 2.0 for second- and third-year students, but also a large study was undertaken to map out the mental health issues amongst students, were the results of this. We will keep working on this theme, and you can help us!

Keep an eye out for our activities, and if you have any ideas for themes that we can address in SAM, let us know.