Become a member

We are now an official study association! This means that you can now become an official member of Gerardus van der Leeuw, which was not possible before. A Gerardus membership costs €20 a year, which is a great bargain considering all the benefits you will get being an official lion!

You will get discounts for activities that cost money. You will also get a discount on Gerardus merch!
Additionally, as an official lion, you can join one of our committees and organize cool events with us. Come up with the next party in the Accie, organize the Fitcie’s next workout sesh, or maybe even start a whole new committee.
As a lion, you will also have some good old influence, power, and voting rights in Gerardus. You will have the opportunity to give us input on the types of events you would like to see, what themes you want us to focus on, etc. You will also have voting rights on decisions such as creating new committees.
And of course, you will become a closer part of our amazing faculty community. You’ll get all the news, all the inside intel, and all the opportunities to make new friends amongst your fellow lions.

We hope that you will all sign up to become a member of Gerardus, whether that is because you want to organize activities with us, grab some discounts, or make new friends. We are already very proud of our faculty community, and see this as a great next step to make that community even better!

To help some of you to make the step of becoming a member, first-years will get a 50% discount on the membership fee!

You can use this google form to sign up: