Assessor: Joëlle Nadja Fennebeumer

Dear Lions,
My name is Joëlle Fennebeumer and some of you might already know me from last year when I was also a part of the Gerardus Board of 2021-2022. However, this year, I am the new assessor of the faculty of Theology and Religious Studies: something I am very much excited about! I am really looking forward to speaking to most of you and organizing some beautiful activities together with the Gerardus board and other active students in our faculty. I will, for example, work on the employability activities this year and will make sure when organize a couple of SAM meetings in which you, our dear students, can come and talk about all of your problems and frustrations with regards to studying and being a student in itself! 
I have been a part of this faculty for four years now and I can say that I value it very deeply: of course this was the main reason I wanted to become the faculty assessor this year! I want to give all students the opportunity to get to know the faculty and to express their concerns when they feel like it.  As the new assessor, I want to make sure that you, our students, feel at home and I would love to hear your opinions regarding what the faculty can do better! Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if you feel like talking or send an email to
Love, Joëlle