Chair: Ruth Mariken Ruijgers

Dear lions,

I’m Ruth, I’m in my third year of the Religious Studies bachelor, and I will be the chair of Gerardus van der Leeuw this year! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year and being a board member! As the chair, I make the agendas and lead our weekly meetings. I also get to make sure that everything runs smoothly, also within the board itself.

Over the past couple years the faculty-shaped space in my heart has grown bigger and bigger. I love how the community almost feels like a second home to most of us, how there’s close contact between students and teachers, and how the building charms everyone who wanders our halls. Being on the board means being part of the beating heart of our association, which is why I’m so excited!

If you ever have any suggestions or ideas, or if you just want to chat or vent, drop me a text/dm or come find me in the faculty! See you all soon 🙂