Committee Coordinator: Rosa den Hengst

Hi! I’m Rosa, a second-year Religious Studies student who loves to cook, draw, practice yoga, and play badminton. I’m happy to announce that I will be this year’s Committee coordinator of Gerardus! I will also share the treasury with my lovely fellow board member Dineke. As a ComCo, I will act as the spokesperson for all the committees and ensure that both the committees and the board keep abreast of each other’s activities. Furthermore, I will motivate and support the committees in organizing fun and interesting activities, although I am convinced that they will do so effortlessly 😊. After two years where Covid had the upper hand, it is up to Gerardus to make a come-back. The board and I will organize as many activities as possible that connect the faculty and enthuse more and more people to join this great association. Let’s make this a year to remember!