Promotion Coordinator: Dineke Bosgraaf

Hi everyone!
My name is Dineke, I’m 20 years old and currently in my third year of theology, doing the Art & Religion minor. This year I will be the promotion coordinator for our lovely association and share the treasurer role with Rosa. This means that I am the one behind the scenes who squeezes all of their creative juice into our Instagram account, maintains the website ( and our Youtube channel, and is responsible for the budget. Also, as PromCo, I’m the chair of the Mediacie: the committee which helps the PromCo with promotion. If you want to make a poster for an activity or take pictures at events, or if you have some killer ideas for our socials, let me know!

This year, together with my board members, I hope to make our association even more awesome, connected, and fun. It’ll be great to get to know each other (even) better and grow our lion family bonds! Rawr!

If you got this far: yeeh! As a reward, enjoy some random facts about me:
In a focused state, I stare at my screen as if examining it for evidence in a murder investigation.
I’m a professional procrastinator and I am proud of it.
Sometimes I seem shy, but when I’m on stage, I’m all theater-crazy.
I love to get lost in the woods, in the night sky, and in my own thoughts.